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Find answers to questions like these: What sort of transferable professional skills will I learn as a Religious Studies major? What sorts of careers do Religious Studies majors choose? What courses can I get into my first year? Plus, check out how high Religious Studies majors rank in national LSAT scores. You may be surprised!

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If you crave personalized attention in a flexible, interdisciplinary program supported by all the resources of a top research university, the Department of Religious Studies may be the best fit for you.

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  • Theology and The End of Doctrine  by Christine Helmer. Helmer begins this provocative new work by writing, “The term ‘end’ contains the hope of a vital beginning.”
    Throughout the work she shows how the end of doctrine, on the one hand, refers to what she critiques as the unquestioning acceptance of doctrine, and on the other, represents an invitation to this new beginning, a new way of understanding the aim of doctrine in deeper connections to the reality that it seeks.

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Graduate Conference: "Religion and The Natural Elements"
November 1, 20149:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Graduate Conference: "Religion and The Natural Elements"
November 1, 20145:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Graduate Conference: "Religion and The Natural Elements"
November 2, 20149:00 AM - 3:00 PM


The Department of Religious Studies at Northwestern University is a diverse community of scholars, comprising outstanding professors, graduate students and undergraduate majors and minors, who study the history, texts and lived religious practices that have shaped our world. Home to 14 full time faculty and numerous other visiting faculty and joint appointments, the department is known for its breadth, interdisciplinary emphasis, excellence in teaching and award winning faculty scholarship.

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