Faculty Research Areas

Mira Balberg

  • Rabbinic Literature
  • Judaism and Hellenism
  • Hebrew Bible
  • Second Temple Literature
  • Self and Subjectivity
  • Embodiment and materiality

Christine Helmer

  • Martin Luther's theology
  • Friedrich Schleiermacher's theology and philosophy
  • German intellectual history (16th-20th centuries)
  • Biblical theology, systematic and constructive theology
  • Liberal theologies
  • Theology and religious studies
  • Love
  • Truth

Brannon Ingram

  • Islam in South Asia
  • Islam in South Africa
  • Sufism
  • Islamic Law
  • Traditionally educated Muslim religious scholars (ulama)
  • The Deoband movement

Sarah Jacoby

  • Indo-Tibetan Buddhist doctrine and ritual in practice
  • Buddhist revelation (Tib. gter ma)
  • Gender studies
  • Tantric literature
  • Auto/biography studies
  • Eastern Tibetan area studies

Richard Kieckhefer

  • Late medieval religious culture, with particular interest in ways of representing the presence of Christ in ordinary and extraordinary piety
  • Church architecture
  • History of witchcraft and magic

Mark McClish

  • Religion in classical South Asia
  • Hindu law (dharmaśāstra) and Statecraft (arthaśāstra)
  • Sanskrit language and literature
  • Textual criticism
  • Law and religion
  • Politics and religion

Michelle Molina

  • History of Christianity in early modern Europe and Latin America, with emphasis on the Society of Jesus and colonial Mexico
  • Early modern natural and moral philosophy
  • Interested in the space where critical theory meets social science

Barbara Newman

  • Medieval religious culture
  • Allegorical poetry
  • Women's spirituality
  • Hagiography
  • Monastic and mystical spirituality
  • Medieval understandings of the self

Robert Orsi

  • American Catholicism in both historical and ethnographic perspective
  • Theory and method for the study of religion

Kenneth Seeskin

  • Jewish Philosophy
  • Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Religion

Sarah Taylor

  • American Religion and Culture
  • Religion and Ecology
  • Gender Studies
  • Green Religion
  • Green Culture
  • Women and Religion in America
  • Religion and Popular Culture
  • Theories of Religion and Culture

Cristina Traina

  • Religious ethics with an emphasis on Roman Catholic and feminist thought and interdisciplinary method
  • Childhood
  • The ethics of touch in relations between unequals
  • Sexuality and reproduction
  • Ecology
  • Justice issues in bioethics
  • Economic and immigration justice
  • Method

Barry Wimpfheimer

  • Classical Rabbinic Literature
  • Babylonian Talmud
  • The relationship between law and literature as both a general theoretical question and within the Jewish tradition