Current Course Schedule

Fall 2016

course descriptions

Course # Course Title Instructor Date/Time
REL 101-20 Tolerance: A History Molina TTH
REL 101-21 Artificial Intelligence and the Life of Things Johnson MW
REL 170 Introduction to Religion Kieckhefer MWF
PHIL 266 Philosophy of Religion Seeskin MWF
REL 210 Introduction to Buddhism Preston TTH
REL 230 Introduction to Judaism Sufrin MW
REL 309

Indian Secularism and Religious Nationalism
RLP Concentration

Preston MW
REL 349 Why College? Helmer T
REL 359-20
MENA 390-20
GSS 341-21
Islam, Gender, and Sexuality
RSG Concentration
Mouftah MW
REL 363-20
GSS 390-20
Women and Religion in the U.S.
RSG Concentration
Rees MW
REL 379
SESP 351
Religion and Identity Shapiro TTH
REL 395 Theories of Religion Taylor TH
REL 471-20
HIST 405-28
GSS 490-20
Embodiment/Materiality/Affect Molina M
REL 471-21 Late Medieval Religion: Conversations and Controversies Kieckhefer T
REL 471-22
POLI_SCI 490-20
Religion, Race, and Global Politics Hurd W

Winter 2017

Course # Course Title Instructor Date/Time
REL 101-20 First Year Seminar Balberg TBA
REL 101-20 First Year Seminar Traina TBA
REL 200 Introduction to Hinduism Preston TBA
JWSH ST 210 Overview of Jewish Studies Sufrin TBA
REL 221 Introduction to New Testament Kieckhefer TBA
REL 260 Introduction to Native American Religion
RLP Concentration
S. Dees TBA
REL 319

Narrative and Nirvana: Buddhism Through its Stories

Preston TBA
REL 339 State and Religion in Israel
RLP Concentration
Ringel TBA
REL 359 Histories of Islam in the United States Caldwell TBA
REL 364 Rites of Passage Taylor TBA
REL 369 /
ASIAN_AM 350-1
Asian American Religions Justin Tse TBA
REL 371 Religion and Film Molina TBA
REL 374 Contemporary Religious Thougths Mortenson TBA
REL 379-20 Religion and Colonialism Molina TBA
REL 379-21 Pilgrimage Kieckhefer TBA
REL 383 Catholic Social Ethics
RLP Concentration
Traina TBA
REL 481-1 Graduate Seminar: Theory and Method of Religion Balberg TBA
REL 482 Graduate Seminar: Comparative Religion Zoloth TBA

Spring 2017

Course # Course Title Instructor Date/Time
REL 101-20 Why College? Helmer TBA
REL 210 Introduction to Buddhism Preston TBA
REL 240 Introduction to Christianity Traina TBA
REL 250 Introduction to Islam Ingram TBA
REL 309 Gods, Demons, and their Games of Thrones: The Living Hindu Epics Preston TBA
PHIL 311 Maimonides Seeskin TBA
REL 329 Bible and Reception Helmer TBA
REL 339-20 Gender and Sexuality in Judaism
RSG Concentration
Sufrin TBA
REL 339-21 Ethnic Communities in Contemporary Israel Ringel TBA
REL 349 Martin Luther and Martin Luther King Jr. Helmer TBA
REL 462 Graduate Seminar: Topics in Amerian Religious History Johnson TBA
REL 481-2 Graduate Seminar: Theory and Method of Religion Taylor TBA

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