Current Course Schedule

Fall 2015 | Winter 2016 | Spring 2016

Fall 2015

Course # Course Title Instructor Date/Time
REL 101-1 Why College? Helmer MW
REL 173 Religion, Medicine and Suffering in the West
RHM Concentration
Orsi TTH
REL 210 Introduction to Buddhism Jacoby TTH
REL 220 Introduction to Hebrew Bible Balberg MW
REL 250 Introduction to Islam Ingram TTH
REL 333 /
SOC 376-21
Contemporary Jewish Identities Yael Israel-Cohen MW
REL 339-20 Jewish Ethics Zoloth MW
REL 349 The Papacy Past and Present Kieckhefer MWF
REL 359-20 /
MENA 301-20
Islamic Law
RLP Concentration
Ingram TTH
REL 363-20 /
GENDER 390-2
Women and Religion in the U.S.
RSG Concentration
Dugan M
REL 369 Religion and Sex in America
RSG Concentration
Johnson TTH
REL 374 Ethics of Climate Change
RLP, RHM Concentration
Zoloth MW
REL 375 Foundations of Christian Thought Kieckhefer MWF
REL 379 Religion and TV Rees TTH
REL 385 Chicago Catholicism: A Case Study Dugan TTH
REL 471-20 /
HIST 405-24 /
GENDER 490-21
Graduate Seminar: Embodiment and Materiality Molina F
ENG 220 Bible as Literature Newman MWF

Winter 2016

Course # Course Title Instructor Date/Time
REL 101-2 Jews and Christians in Dialogue Sufrin TBA
REL 200 Introduction to Hinduism McClish TBA
REL 221 Introduction to New Testament Kieckhefer TBA
REL 230 Introduction to Judaism Sufrin TBA
REL 240 Introduction to Christianity Dugan TBA
REL 313 Tibetan Religion and Culture Jacoby TBA
REL 330 Varieties of Ancient Judaism Balberg TBA
REL 350 The Qur'an Ingram TBA
REL 359 Topic in Islam: Islamic Modernity
RLP Concentration
Ingram TBA
REL 363-20 /
GENDER 390-2
Women and Religion in the U.S.
RSG Concentration
Dugan TBA
REL 371 The Fool in Film Vaux TBA
REL 374 Evolution and/in Religion Mortenson TBA
REL 376 Christianity and the Making of Modernity Helmer TBA
REL 379

Sacrifice and Martyrdom in the Ancient World
RLP Concentration

Balberg TBA
REL 385 The Catholic 60s Orsi TBA
REL 470 Graduate Seminar: Theology and the Study of Religion Helmer TBA
REL 471 Graduate Seminar: History of Religious Studies Orsi TBA
REL 482 Graduate Seminar: Approaches to the Contemporary Study of Religion Johnson TBA

Spring 2016

Course # Course Title Instructor Date/Time
REL 101-3 Reading Your Neighbor's Scripture Zoloth TBA
REL 101-4 Religion, Sexuality, and Love Jacoby TBA
REL 170 Introduction to Religion Dugan TBA
REL 210 Introduction to Buddhism Bond TBA
REL 261 Religion, Ecology and Culture
RLP Concentration
Taylor TBA
REL 272 Luther and the West Helmer TBA
REL 309 Religion in Ancient India
RLP Concentration
McClish TBA
REL 329 Topics in the Bible: The Gospel of Matthew Senior TBA
REL 339-21 The Talmud: A Methodological Introduction Wimpfheimer TBA
REL 339-22 /
GENDER ST 341-20 /
SOCIOL 376-24
Women in Traditional Religious Movements:
Orthodox Feminist Activism in a Comparative Perspective
RSG, RLP Concentration
Yael Israel-Cohen TBA
REL 369 American Judaism Sufrin TBA
REL 373 Bioethics,
RHM Concentration
Zoloth TBA
REL 374 God After the Holocaust Sufrin TBA
REL 377 Christian Though in Global Perspective Dugan TBA
REL 379-20 Religion, Politics and Power
RLP Concentration
McClish TBA
REL 379-21 Personal Narratives in 20th and 21st Century U.S. Religion Brehm TBA
REL 395 Theories of Religion Taylor TBA
REL 471 Graduate Seminar: Feminist Theory and the Study of Religion
*RSG Concentration for undergarduate only
Jacoby TBA